Cristina de Borst - Cristescu

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My name is Cristina de Borst- Cristescu and I am a lecturer at Fontys University of Applied Science in Venlo. I was born in Romania and I left 20 years ago to study. I found my dream job teaching. I love my students and I do my very best to help them develop and become the best they can be. My area of expertise is Communication. I have a Master in English and one in Education.

I live my dream while doing what I love most. Fontys is the right place not only for students but for lecturers as well. Since I started working here in 2012 I had the opportunity to develop even further, moving way from being a traditional teacher and becoming a coach in the Project Based Learning program (PBL). I took part in different coaching courses and visited numerous conferences and lecturers’ exchange programs.

I am the Key Account Manager for Romania and every year I promote my university in Romania. I believe in what I do and in the opportunity my university can offer you. My relationship with my students exceeds the classroom. I feel especially responsible for the Romanian students so we try to keep in touch as much as we can. I am very proud of the community we have created here.

If you want to study in a non-conventional way with coaches that can think outside the box, in an open environment, come and join us. You will enjoy the ride!

Yearly gathering in my garden smiley.

29 ian. 2019 admin 215 views