Alex Ioan

Hello guys, My name is Alex Ioan, and I am a student at Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Venlo. Currently I am in the 3rd year of the International Business study programme.  Looking back at the step that I made on the path that is tracing my future career, I am very grateful that I can develop myself while doing what I really like.

The distinguishing aspect of the learning process at Fontys is defined by the practical and challenging way of acquiring knowledge. This is very valuable nowadays, when people need to learn to adapt fast to the changes imposed by technological advances. I have had multiple opportunities to gain and apply a wide range of skills that were in the end valuable during the recent project that I conducted as an intern.

What is more? I was responsible for organizing the Open Day Events here at Fontys and I took part in multiple international fairs organized in Romania. This is because I want to share with the ones that are motivated to evolve into a dynamic and multicultural environment, the chance offered by Fontys to make a difference from the “old-fashioned” studying approaches.

If you are seeking a program tailored for you, step out of the comfort zone and explore the possibilities that you could have! Just join and dare to be a fons!

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