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University of Worcester

Tara: United Kingdom

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Located on the banks of the River Severn, Worcester city successfully combines rich ancient heritage with all that is characteristic of a modern and dynamic city of the XXI century. The city is built around an extremely beautiful cathedral from the eleventh century and it is famous for being the battleground during the British civil war. In recent years the number of those who wish to study at the University of Worcester has increased substantially. Today it is among the universities with the fastest development in the UK. This is due to the high academic level and individual approach to the students. Here students are seen as individuals but also as members of a team. The courses are based on a flexible plan and each student can choose his schedule individually. This allows students to combine specific courses of two or three majors and thus to have a more concrete plan of their university studies.

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University programs: 
Animal Biology
Geography and Sports Studies

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University programs: 
Animal Biology
Geography and Sports Studies
Geography and Sports Coaching Science
Ecology and Environm. Mgmt.
Biology and Environm. Mgmt.
Environmental Mgmt. and Human Biology
Environmental Mgmt.
Ecology and Human Geography
Biology and Psychology
Animation and Graphic Design and Multimedia
Digital Film Production and Film Studies
Digital Film Production and Screen writing
Drama and Performance and Graphic Design and Multimedia
Film Studies and Journalism
Film Studies and Screen writing
Graphic Design and Multimedia and Screen writing
Drama and Performance Studies and Film Studies
Business, Economics and Advertising
Business, Economics and Human Resource Mgmt.
Business, Marketing and Economics
Business, Economics and Public Relations
Business, Mgmt. and Advertising
Business, Mgmt. and Public Relations
Business, Mgmt. & Human Resource Mgmt.
Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations
Business, Marketing and Public Relations
Computer Game Design & Development
Web Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Media and Cultural Studies
Business Mgmt. and Politics (People and Power)
Politics (People and Power) and Psychology
Business, Leadership and Entrepreneurship
International Finance
Sport Business Mgmt.
Sports Coaching
Sports Therapy

Advertising & Marketing
Marketing Mgmt.
HR Mgmt.
Mgmt. and HR
International Mgmt.
Creative Digital Media
Business Psychology
Psychological Therapies
Mgmt. and Finance
Archaeological Landscapes
Sport Mgmt.
Sports Coaching
European Basketball Coaching Science

Bachelor: 9000 £/year
Master: 5000-9200 £/year
MBA: 5000 £/year

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