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UCN - University College Northern Denmark

Tara: Denmark

Limba de predare: English

Ani de studiu:

Bachelor: 3-4

Inceput an: September / February

Burse: Nu




Copenhagen, Aalborg, Billund, Karup and Aarhus 

UCN is an educational institution that gives priority to the international study environment. Because of internships in companies worldwide, exchange programs or work on strategies to support global businesses, today's lecturers and students from five continents participating actively in the development of international projects outside the classroom. Those who study here receive a solid practical training, diploma issued by UCN may represent or guarantee based career development for further study in one of the many partner universities. UCN offers study programs and programs for the title of specialist. University programs last 3-4 years. Students enrolled in programs for the title of specialist studies two years, after which they can obtain a university degree if he continued his studies at UCN or one of the partner universities in Denmark - Aalborg University, Aarhus School of Business, UK - Anglia Ruskin University, Netherlands - Breda University of Applied Science, Stenden University of Applied Sciences.


600-1000 €

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Bachelor (3-4 years):
Architectural Technology and Construction Management
Export & Technology

Top-Up (1 - 1.5 years): 

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Bachelor (3-4 years):
Architectural Technology and Construction Management
Export & Technology

Top-Up (1 - 1.5 years): 
Digital Concept Development
International Hospitality Management
International Sales & Marketing
Sport Management
Web Development

AP Degree (2 years):
Automation Engineering
Computer Science
Design, Technology & Business
Marketing Management
Multimedia Design
Service, Hospitality & Tourism Management


  • Baccalaureate diploma
  • IELTS - The minimum accepted grade is 6.5


  •  Examenul TOEFL - The minimum accepted grade is 83


  • Cambridge ESOL - C1 (minimum accepted grade: C, B sau A), C2 (minimum accepted grade: C, B sau A), B2 (minimum accepted grade: A)


  • Pearson PTE Academic  - The minimum accepted grade is 58


  • Oxford Online Placement Test - Overall score of minimum 75 and also a minimum score of 75 in each subtest


All courses are free.

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