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Tara: Romania

Limba de predare: English

Ani de studiu:

4 years

Inceput an: 14th of October

Burse: Da




Tiffin University is the first and the only university in Romania which offers BBA and MBA/EMBA programms from USA to be 
recognized both in USA and Europe.

With a history dating   from 1888, the Tiffan University has a 20 years experience in Romania through it’s MBA programme, elected to be number 1  by the  
prestigious publication Financial Jounal.

The romanian succes was given by the collaboration with the University of Bucharest, the programme developed throughout this cooperation is one of the most performant in Romania.
Tiffin University's Business Administration Faculty (Tiffin BBA) provides future students with all the tools to play, both locally and internationally.
The University has an excellent reputation, valuable academic programs, attentive staff, competent teachers and a friendly environment where students came always the first.
Tiffin University offers an educational and personal experience to all motivated students who want to develop their entrepreneurial abilities and apply them in an environment that is anchored in the economic reality. 

The objective of Tiffin University - to make higher education more practical, relevant to younger minds, a system that focuses on the right features

Following this goal, at the Tiffin Business Administration Faculty, students will follow a program that: 
• is based on the use of case studies developed at Harvard Business School (learning by doing method)
• Encourages constructive interaction with colleagues to develop team work skills
• -includes internship internships, paid in the  top companies in Romania, where students have the opportunity to effectively apply their knowledge in real life situations.
• is focused on increasing competencies, changing students' thinking patterns, their mentality in addressing problems - students are taught how to think, not what to think!

Teachers at Tiffin University are also practitioners, hence the practical orientation of courses, which differentiates the Tiffin educational system from other universities in Romania.

The courses take place on the campus of the faculty, housed in a beautiful interwar building, located in one of the central historical areas of Bucharest, nearby many  attractions for students or tourists. 
At Tiffin University, students have access to many facilities and are provided with course materials, electronic courses, access to the university's virtual library and much more. Throughout the years of study, students benefit from the academic and personal guidance of a dedicated mentor who will provide them with the necessary support, regardless of the nature of the courses, the projects in which they are involved, or the choice of ways of accommodation sports facilities and leisure.

Tiffin University in figures:
• Tiffin University ranks 1st in the top MBA / EMBA programs according to the ranking of Ziarul Financiar in 2016, 2013 and 2011;
• Tiffin University is accredited by 3 prestigious academic institutions in the US, one in Europe and ARACIS at the local level;
• 63% of students and abolition of Tiffin programs occupy top management positions, 17% are middle management positions, and 20% are entrepreneurs.
• 65% of Tiffin University graduates have made decisions with a major impact on their professional activity or the company in which they operate. Of these, 30% have advanced in their careers, 40% have changed their jobs, and 30% of managers have become entrepreneurs.

The Tiffin BBA program is of an intensive and modular structure: it is made up of 20 modules that take place over 4 years. Each module lasts 3 weeks and includes 2 courses. Tiffin University courses are licensed by the Ohio Higher Education Department, and the Tiffin University Business School is accredited by the ACBSP Accreditation Board for Schools and Business Programs.

Tiffin University has developed strong partnerships with a number of top companies and organizations in Romania, which are particularly favorable for students because they offer them the opportunity to develop internships and then they are potential employers. Tiffin University aims to maintain and improve its quality standard in licensing and management education programs, with the conviction that it brings a consistent contribution in terms of increasing the quality in the management area of private and public companies from Romania and from Europe.


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  • BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration
  • MBA / EMBA


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  • BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration
  • MBA / EMBA


Undergraduate programs:
• Evidence of high school graduation and Transcript of records 9-12th Grades
• Baccalaureate Diploma
• Copy of TOEFL, IELTS, iTEP, ACT or SAT results.

Postgraduate programs:
• Baccalaureate Diploma - 1 certified copy
• Bachelor's Degree - 2 certified copies, 1 certified English translation
• Transcript of records - 2 legalized copies and 1 legalized translation in English
• Minimum .... years of experience ....

Admission to the program takes place throughout the year, subject to availability.

Tuition fees for 2019/2020

5.000 euros (9000 euros tuition fee, with a 4000 euros scholarship for each student accepted in the year 2019-2020)


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