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Coventry University is spread over an area of ​​33 acres. The University library is a real attraction for its construction being invested over 20 million pounds. The University has as a symbol the Phoenix bird which is ​​a symbol that represents the rebirth of the city after its destruction in the Second World War. Conventry University boasts a history of 160 years, during which the Faculty of Economics has fared extremely good. The University is among the schools with a progressive development and for this reason is on second place in the standings of Sunday Times University Guide 2012. In recent years, the university has invested significant sums in restoring and modernizing their base and, according to the classification made by the Guardian 2012, it is in the top 10 universities with the most modern base in the UK. This has a great influence on students who learn here, as their appreciation just placed it so high in recent years.

Coventry University has developed strong partnerships with a wide range of private sector companies and organizations. These links and partnerships with industry are particularly beneficial for students because it provides the opportunity for work placements, internships and Sandwich courses. Some of the most important companies that Coventry University works are Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin, Microsoft, IBM, HSBC, Barclays, Gucci, Interpol, the Ritz hotel, Lufthansa and Airbus.

-Coventry University is ranked in the top 15 in the UK conducted by the Guardian

-95% of graduates from Coventry University obtained a full-time job or go on to study within 6 months of graduation
-Coventry University offers over 280 classes taught by academics with valuable industry experience 

-Coventry University was voted 'Modern University of the Year "in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 Guardian University Guide

-Coventry University was voted 'University of the Year "in 2015 to newspaper Times Higher Education Awards

-Coventry University ranked one with Oxford University in which priceste quality of teaching

-Coventry 1 ranked University for student satisfaction in a top conducted by the National Student Survey (NSS)

- Coventry University students can study a module benefits Add + Vantage conjunction with their chosen course to help develop their professional skills and knowledge

- Coventry University has over 150 student companies that meet the requirements of students and organizes extracurricular activities

Over the next seven years, Coventry University will invest 1 billion pounds to develop its facilities and to give its students an unparalleled academic experience. For example, construction of a new modern body for Health and Life Sciences will be finished in September.

EEC - The building for Futuristic, Electronics and Computer Engineering houses a Harrier Jump Jet, AMG Petronas Mercedes wind tunnel, comprehensive suite of manufacturing large computer networks.

FBL - The modern building for Finance, Business and Law, receiving the largest amount of trading in the UK, which is connected to the Bloomberg financial services in London. The faculty has also its own court of law.

HLS - The building for Healt and Life Sciences  offers a lounge that simulates a hospital room, operating theater, ambulance and a wide range of laboratories, all modern. There are also realistic prison cells in the basement.

FAH - The creative building for Arts and Humanities has a huge number of art studios, design and modeling. Faculty enjoys also a fully functional TV studio, radio studio photography and development facilities.

Hub - A valuable part of the student experience is the opportunity to socialize with other members of the university. For this reason, Coventry University has invested £ 35m to develop a place that offers a comfortable, innovative where students can meet and study. There is also a wide range of services available in the Hub, which includes unique areas for study, a student organization, employment agency, food court, cinema, hairdresser salons and supermarkets.

Sports facilities - Health and fitness are very important at Coventry University, which is why it offers its students modern sports facilities and equipment for all types of physical activities. Gyms, dance studios and swimming pool are available to all students, they can access any time of day and are a short walk (5 minutes) from the main campus.

Accommodation - A wide range of accommodation options available that are in and around the main campus. Coventry University are aware that the needs and requirements of each pupil are different and, as such, offers residences according to needs. Whether the student wishes to live alone or with colleagues, to assure or table, rent or live at home, there is something for everyone.



Fees for 2018/2019:

4400-6850 £/year

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Automotive Design
Aviation Management
Disaster Management and Emergency Planning

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Automotive Design
Aviation Management
Disaster Management and Emergency Planning
Business and Finance
Advertising and Marketing
Transport Management and Logistics
Journalism and Media
Music Technology
Civil and Structural Engineering
Civil Engineering
International Law
Sport Marketing
Sport Psychology
Theatre and Professional Practice
Computers, Networking and Communications Technology
Computer Science
MBA in Enterpreneurship and Innovation
MBA in Global Business
MBA in Aviation Management
Disaster Management
MBA in Global Financial Services
MBA in Information Technology
Banking and Finance
MBA in Logistics
MBA in Marketing
Global Journalism
MBA in Oil and Gas Management
Design and Transport
Dance Making and Perfomance
Graphic Design
Illustration and Animation
Design and Ergonomics
Defence and Security Engineering
Design and Transport
Engineering Business Management
Environmental Management
Music Composition
Terrorism, International Crime and Global Security
Human Resource Management
Diplomacy Law and Global Change
Manual Therapy

Fees for 2018/2019:

Bachelor: 9250 £/year
Master: 5799-10500 £/year
MBA: 9602-15250 £/year

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