Check your UCAS Application - Study in UK

Check your UCAS Application - Study in UK

Since November 2008 IntegralEdu UCAS is the official center in Romania, for submitting the documents in a centralized application to universities and colleges in the UK. Our consultants were trained dedicated to completing applications in the UK through UCAS - therefore, with their support, you can be sure that your application will be done properly and you made a good first step on the way to the desired university.

About 2,500 young people have benefited from specialized educational consultancy provided by Integral and successfully completed applications to the UK through UCAS our center Apply Center. And because we know that the most difficult decision may be choosing university or study program, our consultants will help and guide you step by step to make the best choice.

UCAS Apply Role Center - IntegralEdu is to prepare properly, check and send UCAS applications, free of charge, to any UK university. An important mention about the programs in which an applicant may submit their dossier is that the number can not exceed 5 applications / session (in one year of admission).

Britain is the most popular destination for studies in Europe with an educational system very well developed and offer more than 300 colleges and universities. The oldest educational institutions in the UK are Oxford (1167) and Cambridge (1209).


IntegralEdu - authorised Ucas Apply Center in Romania

What the "Enrollment at the university" service and the UCAS application process provide with support from IntegralEdu:

  • preliminary Consultations
  • Identification of candidate needs;
  • Familiarity with the candidate: educational offer, practiced procedures in force universities to date consultation, required budget;
  • Determine objectives candidate following a personalized analysis of the needs, according to the educational offer;
  • Develop a list of university programs in accordance with the objectives set, after which the candidate chooses his destination application;
  • Familiarity candidate with the necessary documents for application and enrollment deadlines.
  • The application chosen university programs
  • Preparing the application file;
  • Sending applications in accordance with the procedures required by universities chosen;
  • Monitoring application process by assisting the candidate requests related to university admissions process;
  • Confirmation of the university chosen;
  • Completing the application for university and leaving
  • Candidate Familiarity with information about possible financial aid;
  • Loan applications for assistance for tuition or scholarship applications;
  • Assistance for accommodation on campus or off campus accommodation
  • Preparing for departure to university; pre-departure meetings
  • Travel kit;
  • Tickets (if you want) via Sunny Holidays travel agency;

Be safe! If you decided to apply single or have already started to open your own application, I can come in IntegralEdu consultants even help along the way, to make sure that you register properly.
All you have to do is to link your application to UCAS center of IntegralEdu ASSIST by using the buzzword of the "consultanta2017" and one of our consultants will assist you as you do the software - completely FREE.

What benefits this brings:

  • make sure that you complete the application correctly;
  • you will support the inclusion of referencing taken from teacher (so that the teacher does not have to spend time to enter your application and attach your reference)
  • are you sure you convey timely application;
  • you'll have a professional educational consultant to monitor you throughout the admission application.

IntegralEdu - Apply Ucas Center in recent years:


  • The success rate of applications for over 98%
  • 69 students were accepted to top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, London School of Economics, City University London, UCL, King's College London, Queen Mary University of London and others


  • The success rate of applications by over 85%
  • Five students accepted to Oxford and Cambridge


  • 200 students accepted that year studying at universities in the UK Top 50
  • Application success rate of over 70%

For more details about universities and study programs in the UK, contact your consultant IntegralEdu, write us at or call us at 021.311.05.72.

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