The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom
Studies in the UK 

The United Kingdom universities offer the most varied range of undergraduate, master's and doctoral programs in English. One of the biggest advantages is that many universities offer the possibility to combine different specializations within the same faculty, such as criminology with psychology or mathematics with finance; or even from different faculties, such as physics with philosophy. Also, in addition to flexibility, in the UK there are some of the best universities in the world, both academically and also taking into account the innovations in the areas in which they excel.

The undergraduate degree programs have a duration of three years, and the students who want to practice have the opportunity to opt for a "sandwich" type program between year 2 and year 4. For those who study a theoretical field, the universities provide a whole year of cultural exchange at a partner university in different countries or even continents.

In choosing the right university, students consider not only the position in the rankings, but also the location of the university campus. Some are attracted by the lights of London, others with the friendly atmosphere of Worcester. Currently, there is no corner in England, Scotland or Wales where you will not meet Romanian students.

Since November 2008, IntegralEdu is the official UCAS center in Romania, for submitting documents in the centralized application system to universities and colleges in the United Kingdom. The role of UCAS Apply Center - IntegralEdu is to prepare, verify and submit applications for any university in the United Kingdom. Over 3000 young people benefited from the specialized educational consultancy offered by IntegralEdu and successfully completed the applications to the United Kingdom through our application center. See here more details about UCAS Apply Center - IntegralEdu.

Study taxes

Study taxes in The United Kingdom:

  • 1.820 GBP Scotland, 4.160 GBP Nothern Ireland, 9.000 GBP Wales and 9.250 GBP in England per year for undergraduate studies at state universities;
  • 5.000 – 16.000 GBP per year for master's programs;
  • 6.000 – 34.000 GBP per year for MBA programs.
Financing methods

 Ways to cover taxes:

  • Student loans for which only students from the bachelor's (BA, BSc, BEng, etc.) or master's (MA, MSc, etc.), full-time or part-time programs are eligible;
  • Academic or social scholarships, within the budget of the universities.

When you decide to go to study abroad, you have to consider a lot of important factors that will be felt both in the short and long term. But, apart from the study fees, accommodation costs are the next priority on the list. But what are the most important things you need to know about accommodation in the most sought after study destinations?

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