The United Kingdom

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The United Kingdom
Studies in the UK - how to get to university in England

UK universities offer bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in all areas. Undergraduate programs last for three years and students who want to practice and have the opportunity to opt for a program "sandwich" for four years.

In choosing the right university, students not only take into account the position in the standings but also the location of the campus. Some are attracted by the lights of London, some of the friendly atmosphere of Worcester. Currently there are no corner of England, Scotland or Wales that do not meet Romanian students.

Since November 2008 IntegralEdu UCAS is the official center in Romania, for submitting the documents in a centralized application to universities and colleges in the UK. Our consultants were trained dedicated to completing applications in the UK through UCAS - therefore, with their support, you can be sure that your application will be done properly and you made a good first step on the way to the desired university.

Over 2,400 young people have benefited from specialized educational consultancy offered by IntegralEdu and successfully completed applications to the UK through UCAS our center Apply Center.

UCAS Apply Role Center - IntegralEdu is to prepare properly, check and send UCAS applications, free of charge, to any UK university.

How much does university cost in the UK and how can I cover these costs?

Tuition fees in the UK: 7500-9000 GBP per year for undergraduate studies / 4000-12000 GBP per year for master's programs in England / 6000-34000 GBP per year for MBA programs.

Scholarships and funding opportunities: merit scholarships, social grants, scholarships, sports, student loans

See here more details about UCAS Apply Center - IntegralEdu.

Aug 23, 2015 Admin 9598 views
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