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Study abroad!

IntegralEdu offers free consulting services on educational opportunities for international studies. You will receive from our consultants all information related to the application process, rankings in international tops, the costs of studies, grants and funding sources available.

How can we help?
  • Free individual consulting for you and your family for all programs of studies abroad
  • Evaluation through an interview to determine the academic, extracurricular activities important for the admission file and recommending new activities, which support the application.
  • Career guidance in choosing the most appropriate study program, professional orientation tests
  • Needs analysis and professional guidance
  • Training courses for TOEFL / IELTS language exams
  • Intensive preparation for early Oxbridge application or specific areas of interest such as architecture, medicine, etc.
  • Recommendations on suitable universities and study programs, depending on the admission file and needs and professional orientation of each
  • Support in the preparation and review of the application file, in accordance with the specific requirements of universities
  • Organizing meetings with university representatives in offices or through IntegralEdu World Education fairs, organizing information sessions, workshops and interviews with universities
  • Verification, assistance and support for the translation and legalization of documents submitted
  • Transmission of files admission to universities and liaising with them for the duration of admission
  • Applications for assistance and accommodation campuses
  • Assistance and applications for scholarships and student loans for undergraduate and master programs
  • Tracking deadlines for universities, confirmation on the chosen site and making final admission procedures
  • Organizing special training sessions pre departure, necessary documents and papers, recommendations for each country, information on "Introductory Week"
  • Providing information on transport and support for purchasing airline tickets
  • Assistance to adapt to new learning environment and emergency contact
  • Assistance and help to achieve transfer programs from a university in Romania to a university abroad or transfer between universities abroad
  • Referral and support programs, enrollments in the "preparatory year" when they are needed before enrolling at university
  • Consulting and support to continue their studies after graduation and programs and language courses, abroad

You can benefit from educational consulting services for all international universities teaching in English, French, German, Italian.

Educational consulting services offered by IntegralEdu are free for the over 200 partner institutions.

If you want to apply to an institution that is not an IntegralEdu partner, we can help you with all the above for a fee. Each university and country has specific admission criteria and conditions, the costs of these additional services are associated with the specific research for each destination and university in hand with achieving specific admission procedures, accommodation, student loans and scholarships.



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