Student Loans Applications for the UK have begun. Special sessions in IntegralEdu Offices

Student Loans Applications for the UK have begun. Special sessions in IntegralEdu Offices

Submission to Student Loan Company - Loan application for studying at universities in England and Wales for the academic year 2016 - 2017 is in full swing.

Thus, all those who applied to university in one of the two countries and wish to apply for student loan, are offered April and May (recommended) to make the necessary arrangements.


IntegralEdu organizes sessions dedicated applications for Student Loans in all offices in the country, as follows:
Bucharest: April 18 | April 22 | April 25 | May 9 | May 13 | May 16 | May 20 | May 23 | May 27 | May 30
Time - 15:00 (in each day)
Constanta: April 18 | April 20 | April 22 | May 4 | May 6
Time - 14:00 (in each day)
Craiova: April 27 (15:00) | May 10 (16:00) | May 17 (17:00)
Galati: April 26 | April 28 | May 3 | May 5 | May 10
Time - 15:00 (in each day)
Forum: April 26 | May 4 | May 9
Time - 15:00 (in each day)

IntegralEdu customers, sessions for Student Loans are scheduled directly with each one's educational consultant, following the instructions you receive from them. 


For those who applied individually at university or in another form, but want to benefit from IntegralEdu's support in making these applications correctly and on time, they can register and schedule an appointment online by filling this form . In this case, a fee for special service assistance in filling out student loan of 50 euros is claimed.

How to make appointments for sessions?

For those of Bucharest - by completing the online form above. In the form you can select the day you wish to participate in the Student Loans session in the Bucharest office.

For appointments to offices in Constanta, Craiova, Galati and Timisoara, phone appointments are as follows:

Constanta: 0341 415 305
Craiova: 0351 434 882
Galati: 0372 760 344
Timisoara: 0256 493 930

What are the documents required for application:

- The original application, which can be taken from any of the IntegralEdu offices

- Copy of passport or ID which will be later authenticated by a lawyer, in loans sessions. It is important that the date of validity of card does not expire before September 2018.

IMPORTANT! Student Loans To supplement files, it is necessary that every applicant must indicate two contacts, which pass them in documents that will be sent to the university. These people must have different address and address of the applicant's different between them. Contact details are required: name, address, zip code, telephone and relationship with the applicant.

Why is it important to submit the Student Loans documents now?

It is recommended that submission of dossiers for Student Loans be made by the end of May 2016. The response period of universities for student loans is 6-8 weeks. Thus, the only way can be guaranteed a response from the university before the start of the academic year.

Who can apply?

Now I can run all those who chose and confirmed their place at university in England and Wales.

How refundable credit?

The credit is repaid after graduation program license and is subject to income graduate. The income threshold is different - depending on the country in which the graduate work and lives.

If the graduate stays in England, minimum annual gross income from beginning to return credit is 21,000 pounds annually. If he comes back and works in Romania, it will be 8400 pounds.

For more details about loan repayment:,6678823&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

For more information about Student Loans sessions for support on accommodation at universities abroad or to plan your trip (including the purchase of tickets), contact IntegralEdu consultants.

Young people who have already started the registration steps, but will apply to degree programs, master's or MBA at universities abroad can always resort to the services of consultants IntegralEdu in any of the offices in the country.