Postgraduate Loans for the UK, September 2016

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Postgraduate Loans for the UK, September 2016

Starting with the academic year 2016/2017 the UK Government Department of Business Innovation approved the granting of loans for postgraduate programs / MBA.

The loan for graduate / MBA programs applies to all accredited institutions in England.

The maximum amount awarded is 10,000 pounds and is valid for all programs and types of education. Those who can apply for this loan are applicants for graduate programs who are citizens of EU member states and had resided in a Member State of the EEA, in the three years before the studies start for master and have not previously obtained a master's degree . All students aged up to 60 are eligible for this loan.

Loan repayment begins after graduation. The interest rate is made up of the annual inflation rate plus 3% and loan repayment will start after April 2019. Returning the loan will depend on the level of income earned after graduation. In the UK for example, the income taken into account is 21,000 pounds. Exemplifying with an annual income of 21,000 pounds in the UK, the minimum annual rate is 6% of revenue, and the rate is fixed until 2021. For Romania, the minimum annual salary of the graduate loan repayment begins is 12,600 pounds.

If the candidate has already received a loan for undergraduate program in the UK, the repayment of the two loans will be merged.

Doctoral programs have a separate system of funding, worth 25,000 pounds.

For more information about the conditions for granting loans, deadlines for application and enrollment recommendations on universities and study programs available, contact IntegralEdu.

Submission to Student Loan Company - the loan application fee for studies at universities in England, for the academic year 2016 - 2017 is in full swing.

Thus, all those who applied to master's or MBA studies in England, and who wish to apply for student loan, should make the necessary arrangements in July and August (recommended).


IntegralEdu organizes dedicates
sessions for masters and MBA Student Loans applications 
in the Bucharest office, as follows:

July 11, 15:00
July 15, 15:00


For more information about Student Loans sessions for support on ACCOMODATION at universities abroad or to plan your trip (including the purchase of tickets), contact IntegralEdu consultants.

Those who have already started the registration steps, but will apply to master's or MBA programs at universities abroad can always resort to the services of IntegralEdu consultants in any of the offices in the country.

Dec 10, 2015 admin 4526 views