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Personal development courses

Public Speaking Course: King’s Speech 

How we have to structure our ideas in a logical and convincing discourse is no longer a matter for the argumentative text of the Baccalaureate. Things are even more complicated when we have to hold a speech in front of a large audience. Emotions, as well as the lack of a clear structure, are usually the most important enemies in such situations. King's Speech can help you overcome the fear of talking to a public and building a successful presentation.


The course has three important parts:

From "Why did you choose our university?", "Where do you see yourself in 10 years?", "What are your three qualities and defects?" interviews have not changed much in terms of content, but their importance has become remarkable both in the professional environment and in the selection process of universities. Unfortunately, the answers do not seem to get out of some clichés. Moreover, the experience of an interview now implies a 360 ° evaluation of the candidate. We do not guarantee your success, but we give you the know-how necessary for the interview not to end with a "Thank you, we call you".


What would you say about yourself if you had 60 seconds to impress someone? Such an exercise is required both by universities around the world in the selection process of candidates but also by some employers at the time of interviews. It is a concise, creative and very well-structured speech. There is no magic formula for the perfect pitch, but there are many techniques to spark interest and hold attention.

The debate is the most academic form of brainstorming. Many educational institutions adopt this formula for seminars, encouraging students to support and substantiate their own opinions on various topics. Such an exercise is meant to develop and encourage critical and creative thinking when it comes to analyzing and solving problems. Although there seems to be a free exchange of ideas, there are some rules and a certain structure of the argumentative discourse, which we propose to "debate" during the course.

We want to work on:

  • The argumentative speech structure 
  • Drawing and maintaining attention
  • Emotions management
  • Strategies of a successful presentation

Designed for: all high school pupils, students, and also young professionals 

When: 18th of October, 22nd of November  between 16:00 – 18:00.

Price: 150 RON



Curs Team-work & Leadership

Because you can not be a leader without knowing how to work in the team and because in a team every member can be, in turn, the leader we have prepared a course with two modules that will train your potential in this respect. Team spirit and leadership are two of the most common abilities in a motivation letter and CV. Through the course developed by IntegralEdu trainers, we attach the two skills in your academic and professional portfolio.


Team-work Module: Team Up! – Day 1

Student life means many hours spent at the library, individual projects, research work, and notes as the effort. We know! Besides all this, it also means many friends and new relationships. That is why one of the most important evaluations consist of team projects. In such assessments, the group dynamics and the way each member manages to put the final project in focus are two essential aspects. How we manage to impose our ideas on a team and what challenges we can go through together in the Team Up workshop!

We will discuss:

  • The importance of roles in a team
  • Problem-based learning simulation
  • Task Management (team activities management)


Leadership Module: Lead the Way! – Day 2

"It must be done" or "we are doing" - that is what makes the difference between an authoritative person and a leader. If it's hard for you to impose your ideas within a team, then there may still be things you have to find out about yourself. Behind a successful leader there are some essential qualities and strategies or a course to help you develop them.

We will focus on:

  • Feedback 
  • Persuasion techniques
  • Setting an objective
  • Time management

Designed for: all high school pupils, students, and also young professionals

When: the course is made up of two modules 

  • Team Up! – 19th of October, 23rd of November 16:00-18:00
  • Lead the Way! – 20th of October, 24th of November 16:00-18:00

Price: 150 RON


Total price for all courses: 350 RON


The courses take place in the IntegralEdu office in Bucharest ( 41 General Gh. Magheru Boulevard).

Registrations are made at 021 311 0572 or


Feb 17, 2017 admin 7415 views
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