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Currently the number of foreign students in French universities is approaching 300 thousand, placing France in fourth place in the world. In 2010, the French state has invested 1.4% of GDP in higher education and research. This funding represents the guarantee of high standards in terms of quality issued diplomas. In the public educational institutions, the state supports much of the tuition costs of each student (between 10 000-14 000 annually). This national policy allow tuition to be one of the lowest in the world and the quality of education - high.

About higher education in France:

In France there are three main types of higher education institutions:

  • Universities

French universities are public schools. During their students are admitted owning French baccalaureate (BAC) or a foreign diploma, providing access to higher education in that country. Universities offer programs of study fundamental, technical or professional guidance.

  • Specialized higher schools and institutes

These are public or private high schools, aimed at professionals in fields such as engineering, architecture, commerce and administration, oral and written translation, journalism or the arts. They have high standards in the selection and admission of candidates.

  • Les Grandes écoles

Les Grandes écoles are public institutions of higher education or private and occupies a special place in the French educational system. Within prepare their high-level engineers and managers, and professionals in art, literature and humanities. Access to these schools, highly selective, occurs after an exam at the end of two years of so-called preparatory classes (classes prepas) or through diploma. In schools with a school cycle of 5 years integrated preparatory courses, access secondary education directly after graduation.

How tuition fees are in France? What are the fees for college and masters in France?

Tuition fees in France

  • € 181 / year for undergraduate studies
  • € 250 per year for master studies,
  • € 380 per year for doctoral,
  • € 596 per year for engineering schools
  • between 3000-15000 € per year for private schools.
Scholarships in France

Scholarships and funding opportunities: scholarships or covering various costs (maintenance, tuition fees or travel, etc.), grants for specific programs.

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Sep 26, 2019 Admin 6437 views
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