Dutch Open Days

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Dutch Open Days

Do you want to apply for studies in the Netherlands? Let's see how it is to study there!

We visit together 5 of the most famous Dutch universities. You will see their campuses, facilities, talk to young people who study or study there and with teachers about the study program that interests you, so be sure to make the best decision for your university studies!

Our hosts will be:

The Hague University of Applied Sciences - 26th of November

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HU Utrecht University of Applied Sciences - 27th of November

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Hanze University of Applied Sciences si Minerva Academy - 28th of November

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University of Groningen - 29th of November

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This visit is aimed at young people wishing to apply for bachelor degree studies in the Netherlands, at one or more universities, through IntegralEdu.

The group will be accompanied by an IntegralEdu educational consultant and a university graduate in the Netherlands.

How much does it cost:

IntegralEdu, together with its partner universities, deals with accommodation and meals. You only have to pay the plane ticket * (230-250 euros) and the domestic trips (about 80 euros).

The accommodation will be in youth hostels, hostels and motels, with the support of universities, at no extra cost from the participants.

* Airplane tickets will be purchased through Integral Sunny Holidays, in order to guarantee the place in the group, and for these data the price is around 200-250 euros. Participants will have to pay, at the time of signing, the EUR 80 for the reservation of the flight, with the deadline for payment of the difference - 1 November 2018.

Details and Enrollments:

Ana Maria Papp, Dept. Manager Universities Abroad, anamaria@integraledu.ro, 0733.069.004

Deadline enrollments: November 1.

Beware, places are limited! The sooner you sign up, the better.

Why the Netherlands for your university studies?

Quality and innovation across the educational system
Affordable costs for studies and living, financing possibilities
Interactive programs, applicable in all areas
Practical trainings and internships all over the world
Excellent accommodation and living conditions
     Latest technologies


Did you know that?

Education in the Netherlands is one of the most prestigious in the world.
There are over 2,100 programs taught in English.
Universities in the Netherlands stimulate entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurship throughout the educational process.

Dutch teenagers are among the happiest young people in the world :).

Sep 13, 2018 admin 1078 views